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Why the Codependency Myth of Drug Addiction Needs to Die

The dubious idea that we might "enable" our partners or loved ones suffering from addiction lingers—despite being unscientific and straight-up harmful. Chances are, if you have been affected by drug addiction or just watched enough reality TV, you've heard something about the concept of "codependency." It's the idea that partners and relatives of addicted people [...]

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Cleveland officer’s possible fentanyl exposure highlights drug’s threat to police, children

CLEVELAND, Ohio -- As heroin and fentanyl continue to kill users in record numbers, law enforcement officials in Northeast Ohio are now warning of how exposure to the drug can harm or even kill people who simply come into contact with the powerful opioids. A Cleveland police officer was hospitalized Wednesday morning after coming into contact [...]

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Lorain files lawsuit against major drug companies over opioid epidemic

LORAIN, Ohio - The City of Lorain has filed a 236 page lawsuit against 25 major pharmaceutical companies, drug manufacturers and distributors due to the growing opioid epidemic. Lorain Mayor Chase Ritenauer says the lawsuit is seeking damages, alleging the drug companies continue to play a role in the heroin crisis. "Largely, It's about accountability," [...]

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Study: Opioid-related hospitalizations rising dramatically, especially among women

CLEVELAND, Ohio - A federal government report has found opioid-related hospitalizations went up dramatically over the past decade, and at a much faster rate for women than men. Local health experts say the study is further proof that issues with prescription painkillers and heroin don't discriminate. Jesse Russell knows the struggle of addiction firsthand. "You [...]

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Heroin: Now The Leading Cause Of Death In Americans Under 50

The Unites States of America is facing the worst health care crisis of our nation’s history. Over the past two-year period, more Americans died of opiate addiction than died in the entire Vietnam War. Drug overdoses now cause more deaths than gun violence and car crashes. In fact, accidental opioid overdoses are responsible for more deaths [...]

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Officials: Cuyahoga County has seen 43 overdose-related deaths since Memorial Day

CLEVELAND - There have been more than 40 drug overdose-related deaths since Memorial Day in Cuyahoga County, according to the Cuyahoga County Medical Examiner's Office. The 43 total deaths were recorded between May 26 and June 7—a 13-day stretch. The deceased ranged in age between 21 and 67, according to the Medical Examiner's Office data. [...]

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The Triple Threat on our Doorstep

A series of panel discussions that bring residents, community partners and local experts together to engage in open conversation about the opioid epidemic. These events empower community members by connecting them to the resources and information they need to combat the opioid crisis. REGISTER: Registration is REQUIRED. To register online go to and enter [...]

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