5 Ways to Prevent Accidental Overdose

By Best Drug Rehabilitation Addiction can lead to a great many serious repercussions as an individual continues to abuse that substance, whether it be prescription drugs, alcohol, marijuana, or other illicit drugs.  An addict’s life can begin to function purely around the substance, while everything else is neglected.  When a person is so enveloped by [...]

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Designing an end to opioid abuse

Ohio is facing a major opioid overdose crisis. Nearly seven Ohioans a day are lost in heroin and opioid-related deaths. Many schools have dealt with the fallout from this crisis. Today, we're announcing a push to do more. This year, many of our schools will plan and implement design challenges on understanding and eliminating Ohio's opioid crisis. Throughout [...]

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LIVE ON LAKESIDE: Building a Plan for Pain Management

When Professional Athlete Gabrielle Reece had knee surgery, she decided she wasn’t going to risk using opioids for the pain in fear of becoming addicted. Dr. Scott Sigman explains alternative ways to deal with the pain that comes with surgery and other options to avoid opioids. Original Article found on Channel 3 Live on Lakeside: [...]

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September 2nd Meeting Minutes

Thank you to everyone who was able to attend our gathering at Landerhaven on Friday, September 2nd. DISCUSSION: Follow Up: Call to action - what is 1 step you will do? LIKE Facebook page and SHARE. Date for next event....early October. Who can you invite to join you? Help us fill the room. Drug Dealer [...]

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