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Stories of Hope

Lift up and inspire someone who might need to hear your story.

If you or a loved one been able to overcome the battle of heroin addiction, please share your Story of Hope.

Stories of Hope

Hope Shared

“Most people don’t just start with Heroin they are usually introduced to other drugs or pills first and then they graduate to a world of pain and suffering for them and their loved ones. Mine started after being given Morphine at the hospital for pain from a ruptured appendix at the age of 12. I used Heroin for 13 years growing up in the streets of Bronx New York, landing in jail, living in the streets, always looking for the fix, I even tried to switch to cocaine, methodone, and speed. But substituting one addiction for another was not productive. For many people the hope of never going back is there, but the reality of the cravings is real and many return even after they get out of prison. They go back to the same people, places, and things that supported the drug culture that they were in. The day I left Heroin Cocaine, Alcohol and Cigarettes, was the day I accepted Jesus Christ in my life and a few years later I was helping former addicts stay clean by using the Word of God through our program “Drug Free Through Christ”, I have not used anything and don’t have a craving to use anything for the last 28 years, since August 15th 1988. I wrote a book that details some of my lifestyle in 2003 called ” Brother Lew Life or Death” by Lou Acosta – and the one I’m writing now is called Drug Free Through Christ – Because the Program had a big impact on staying clean……. We all want our friends and families to get off drugs, and some do when they go to rehab, but to stay off is the key. My email is Brotherlew@gmail.com if anyone is interested in contacting me. Thanks and God Bless.”

– Lou