Treatment Centers – Medina

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Medina County Treatment Centers

  • The mission of Cathy’s House is to serve the community by providing a sober living environment for individuals making the transition from addiction to sobriety. We house adults 18 years and older.
  • Women since its founding in 1998. Broken men become whole. Broken individuals become whole, productive and responsible. Fathers become fathers; mothers become mothers. They trade dark existences for lives of spirit-filled sunlight.  Imagine the ripple effects of a person having this kind of transformation. It changes everything!  Mens: (330)764-4486 Womens: (330)764-4487


Ohio Withdrawal Treatment Options

  • Ohio Inpatient and Outpatient Programs Available
  • Private Treatment from Knowledgeable Staff
  • Take Control of Your Life – Do Not Give Up!
  • 1-888-935-1318

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