April 14/15
Spring Cleaning!
As the weather turns warm and we begin to spring clean, this year, take some time to clean out all your unneeded and unwanted prescription drugs. Drug Take Back Day is Saturday, April 28. Take your ‘spring cleaning’ to your local police department for proper disposal. It’s healthier for you and better for our environment. To find out more, go to: www.GreaterthanHeroin.com.

April 21/22
Everyone can do something!
As our region grapples with the heroin epidemic, there are a few things that each of us can do. Next weekend is Drug Take-Back Day. Take a few minutes to bring all your unused and unwanted prescription drugs to your local police or sheriff’s department. It will keep your home and our environment safe. All of us can also learn more about the epidemic. Go to: www.GreaterthanHeroin.com. Please remember in prayer all those who are suffering from this terrible addiction and for their families and loved ones.

April 28/29
Let’s talk about it
One of the most difficult struggles for those who have family members using and/or addicted to drugs, especially heroin, is shame and silence. They often have no one to talk to about their pain and the heavy burden on their hearts. We can change that together. There is a crisis raging in our state. The heroin epidemic is wreaking havoc on hundreds and thousands of individuals and families across our region. Learn more so that you can be that person others can turn to in their time of need. Go to: www.GreaterthanHeroin.com. Understanding is greater than this crisis. Together, we are greater than heroin. Each of us can be a source of hope, help and healing to someone in need.

See something…Say Something
Many eyes can help make our community safer, healthier and holier. As the heroin epidemic rages on in our community, Crime Stoppers has set up an anonymous tip line. If you see something that you know is not good for your neighborhood or community, please give them a call at 216-252-7463. See something…say something. Together we are: GreaterthanHeroin.com.

Understanding makes the difference!
Understanding is key to addressing the heroin crisis that is crippling our region and our state. Take some time to learn the facts about this crisis. Go to: www.GreaterthanHeroin.com. Understanding is greater than heroin. Together, we are greater than this crisis.

Understanding is the key!
There is a crisis in our region. Hundreds are dying and thousands are impacted by the heroin epidemic. In 2017, 4,329 people died of a heroin/opiate related death. It’s not something we want to talk about, but we need to. Take a few minutes to learn more by watching some helpful (and hopeful) videos. Go to: www.GreaterThanHeroin.com/videos. Understanding the crisis is key to making our community stronger, healthier and holier.