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Media tools are available for use to print or include on your own websites with a link back to www.GreaterThanHeroin.com.

Leader Packet

The packet of information includes easy to use articles and graphics, along with some talking points for your consideration.  You can certainly stir the conversation and share information to the level of comfort and appropriateness for you and your community.
Thank you for your consideration.  Together we are stronger than heroin.  Understanding is the key to addressing this crisis.

Spring 2018 Leadership Packet

Helpful Links

  1. The meeting minutes from our last Greater Than Heroin Summit are really great and worth the read. Take 5 minutes to see what you missed.
  2. Share short announcement blurbs in your publications and bulletins. We’ve made it quick and easy for you to copy and paste information.
  3. Together we discussed talking points to discuss the heroin and opioid epidemic based on your audience. These can be helpful in taking the first step in talking to someone about a very serious and difficult topic.


Cleveland Clinic Opiate Addiction Overview May 2017


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