There is a crisis gripping our region and our state.  It impacts all of us.  Everyone knows someone who has been devastated by the Heroin Crisis.  Do a Google search for heroin and here is what you see:

Ohio is one of the most affected states by the heroin crisis. Hundreds are dying each month in the State of Ohio.  Thousands are dealing with the grip of addiction.  Family… and neighbors… and friends are over-whelmed and distraught.  It is a crisis raging out of control.

Breaking the SILENCE & STIGMA

Over the past year, a group of civic and faith leaders have been working together to create solutions for all affected by this crisis. In all our conversations and meetings, one recurring struggle keeps emerging – namely – a key part of the crisis (and actually the way to solve the crisis)  is to break the silence and the stigma about the heroin epidemic, along with helping people suffering, to have the
permission to talk openly about what is taking place in their homes and families.

One vehicle we have created is a website of resources and information that can help facilitate the right questions, good resources, regional programs and support, and more.  It is known as:

Conversation is Greater than Heroin

As faith leaders, we are asking all religious leaders in our region to use the week of April 23, 2017
to educate, inform and encourage your community to learn more and join in the effort to end this epidemic.
There are three things we are asking you to do:

•    Incorporate a prayer at your services.
•    Talk briefly about the crisis in your announcements or preaching.
•    Include the enclosed information on your website and bulletin/publication.

During this same period of time, our faith-based efforts will be reinforced by the local media outlets (TV, radio, newspaper, billboards, digital, social media, etc.).  Our mission is quite simple, to raise the level of awareness of the crisis, break the silence around the epidemic, and begin to work together to support recovery and family-support programs throughout our region.  Your involvement can make all the difference.

Tool Packet

Please download the packet below that includes a fact sheet, along with some sample articles that can be placed on your website, bulletins, newsletter, and e-newsletters. Visit our MEDIA TOOLS to quickly download any of these items.

Understanding is greater than heroin. Together we are greater than heroin.  Can we work together to break the silence and open up the pathways to hope, help and healing?

DOWNLOAD: Greater Than Heroin Leader Packet