Greater Than Heroin Attendee Recap

May 22, 2018
9:00 AM – 11:00 AM

General Points of Discussion:

  • Drug Take Back Day Recap
    1. Was a successful event
    2. Up 13% from DTBD in October
    3. 40,000 +lbs. collected
  • Guest Speakers/Discussion
    1. Justin Herdman
      • The numbers are still too high
      • We need to work together to keep moving forward
      • Cautionary good news regarding death statistics:
      • First decrease in deaths we’ve seen in 10 years
      • Ohio had 2nd highest fatal overdoses in U.S. a few years back
      • We are seeing double digit decreases, but still need to be cautious about it. This doesn’t mean we’ve won the battle; but it is indeed progress
    2. Jim Davidson
      • CrimeStoppers
      • Anonymous Tipline
      • 216-25-CRIME
      • 216-252-7463
      • 24/7, 365
        • Mobile app can be downloaded from website
  1. Marcus Thomas Talking Points
    • See handout on established talking points
    • Group discussion to come up with 1 per table

Summary of Talking Points

  1. Be a leader, be courageous, save a life (this could be directed towards youth)
  2. We like the current talking points, but let’s bring an ending point summary to it: Together, we are greater than _______
  3. “Death sentence for the person, life sentence for the family.”
  4. ^seconds that
  5. Sustain transformation. Help today, hope tomorrow. It’s not too late, make a life-saving difference by contacting to make a difference for someone you love
  6. Summary: Impact can be closer than you think, but transforming lives starts with you. It’s never too late to reach out and start making a difference.
  7. Transform helplessness into real help for recovery. Action: Renew the mind and see where you can reach out.


CrimeStoppers Presentation Notes

  • Crime Stoppers offers tipsters a way to get information to law enforcement anonymously.
  • Tip line : (216) 25CRIME (216) 252-7463
  • No recording of calls
  • No caller ID
  • Phones answered 24/7/365
  • Website :
  • Tips may be submitted via a link on the website – IP addresses are not recorded
  • Provides for 2 way dialog with tipster as long as tipster logs back in to check
  • Mobile app for smartphones
  • Download from the website
  • Phone numbers and IP addresses are not recorded – allows for 2 way conversation as long as tipster logs back in
  • Cash rewards are paid for previously unknown information that leads to an arrest and indictment in an unsolved felony crime
  • Tips are forwarded to the appropriate agency to investigate.
  • Rewards of UP TO $2,500 / level depends on info given (how helpful) – type of crime – etc