Q&A with Community and Public Affairs Specialist with the U.S. Attorney’s Office

Northeast Ohio’s New Fentanyl Epidemic Hits Black Communities the Hardest: While the opioid epidemic seems to have reached a plateau, that may just be masking a new problem. Three years ago, opioid deaths skyrocketed when dealers started cutting heroin with the often-lethal drug fentanyl. City, county, state and federal officials worked together that would develop [...]

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Meeting Minutes from May 22 Event

Greater Than Heroin Attendee Recap May 22, 2018 9:00 AM – 11:00 AM General Points of Discussion: Drug Take Back Day Recap Was a successful event Up 13% from DTBD in October 40,000 +lbs. collected Guest Speakers/Discussion Justin Herdman The numbers are still too high We need to work together to keep moving forward Cautionary [...]

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Greater Than Heroin Summit Meeting Minutes

April 19, 2018 Fr. Bob introduces himself, the event, and everyone around the room gave their name and which organization they represented. Wide range of people in attendance: everyone from clergy, public service, to family members of those suffering with addiction. Overview of progress made thus far. What we need to do is connect this [...]

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Pain in the Nation Update: Deaths from Alcohol, Drugs and Suicide Reach the Highest Level Ever Recorded

View the document below from Trust for America's Health. Click to download or view the PDF.

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Why the Codependency Myth of Drug Addiction Needs to Die

The dubious idea that we might "enable" our partners or loved ones suffering from addiction lingers—despite being unscientific and straight-up harmful. Chances are, if you have been affected by drug addiction or just watched enough reality TV, you've heard something about the concept of "codependency." It's the idea that partners and relatives of addicted people [...]

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Help us to End Our Epidemic

Since 1952, Rosary Hall has been at the forward edge of the fight against addiction. When our founder Sister Ignatia Gavin, CSA began this work, much of her focus was on the preeminently abused substance of the day: alcohol. But today, addiction has morphed into a more sophisticated foe. While alcohol, cocaine and other drugs [...]

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Original article from www.opiates.com As you read this list, please bear in mind the intention of the article is not to judge, but merely bring to notice parts of a person’s life that are affected by addiction to painkillers or heroin. If you are battling an addiction problem or know someone who is, it is always advisable to seek professional [...]

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