2111, 2019

Counterfeit pills laced with fentanyl already are in Northeast Ohio

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The federal Drug Enforcement Administration recently put out a warning about prescription pills made in Mexico which contain fentanyl. A recent bust occurred in Cleveland where the pills turned up. Though local drug task force officials say they haven’t seen them yet in large quantities, they expect they will soon. The little blue pills look like the real prescription drug and that’s what makes them so potentially deadly. The blue pills, which are being illegally sold as the painkiller oxycodone, might actually contain traces of fentanyl — a dangerous synthetic opioid. The federal Drug Enforcement Administration recently issued a warning [...]

1811, 2019

‘We still have an epidemic; there are just different drugs involved’: Opioid deaths rose as prescriptions fell

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Michelle and Travis Bornstein stand on the land where they plan to build an opioid relapse treatment and prevention center in Lakemore. The facility, to be called Tyler's Redemption Place, is expected to open next September. [Lisa DeJong/The Plain Dealer] By John Caniglia, The Plain Dealer CLEVELAND, Ohio — In the days leading up to the nation’s first major opioid trial last month in U.S. District Court in Cleveland, lawyers for the pharmaceutical industry fought to keep Travis Bornstein off the witness stand. They didn’t want a jury to hear the story of how Bornstein’s son Tyler, a former college [...]

2310, 2019

Red Ribbon Week

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Each October, communities and schools nationwide participate in Red Ribbon Week, encouraging participation in youth drug prevention activities. Watch this special video from Google Earth to learn more about the week’s inspiration, the sacrifice of fallen DEA Special Agent “Kiki” Camarena.

1710, 2019

New Cleveland billboards give caution that fentanyl mixed with cocaine can be deadly

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CLEVELAND, Ohio (WOIO) - More than a dozen new billboards in Cleveland are catching the attention of drivers. They feature snacks like pretzels or nuts, but their message on drugs is serious. “If these contain fentanyl, would you eat it? They don’t. Your cocaine might.” The billboards warn cocaine users that fentanyl could be in their next batch. Overdose deaths are going up with this deadly opioid mixture. Most cocaine users don't even know the painkiller fentanyl is mixed in, and it can be a deadly mistake. The people behind these billboards are trying to change that. Campaign designed to [...]

1710, 2019

New billboards in Cleveland area warn cocaine users about fentanyl-laced drugs

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CLEVELAND — A new ad campaign targeted at drug users hopes to stop the rising number of deadly opioid overdoses from people who have ingested fentanyl-laced cocaine. Cuyahoga County is ground zero for a string of deaths involving cocaine and fentanyl. According to the U.S. Attorney's Office, nearly 60% of overdoses deaths can be contributed to cocaine or cocaine infused with fentanyl. The ad campaign hopes to lower that number by using more than a dozen standard, as well as digital billboards that feature photos of everyday food items such as donuts, bottled water, pretzels or trail mix and the [...]

210, 2019

Johnson & Johnson reaches $20 million deal with Cuyahoga, Summit counties to settle opioid lawsuits weeks before trial

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CLEVELAND, Ohio — Johnson & Johnson has reached a deal worth more than $20 million to settle its portions of Cuyahoga and Summit counties’ opioid lawsuits ahead of a trial set to begin later this month in a federal courtroom in Cleveland. The large New Jersey-based health-care company announced Tuesday that it will pay a combined $10 million to both counties and another $5 million to cover for their legal expenses for trial preparation. It will also donate $5.4 million to nonprofits in connection with opioid-related programs in both counties. The agreement resolves both counties’ claims against Johnson & Johnson [...]

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