Designing an end to opioid abuse

Designing an end to opioid abuse

Ohio is facing a major opioid overdose crisis. Nearly seven Ohioans a day are lost in heroin and opioid-related deaths.

Many schools have dealt with the fallout from this crisis. Today, we’re announcing a push to do more.

This year, many of our schools will plan and implement design challenges on understanding and eliminating Ohio’s opioid crisis.

Throughout the year, we’ll be posting resources and events to support our schools through the process. Last week, we kicked off this push with a post from Aimee Kennedy, a former teacher and principal at the Metro Early College High School and a national expert on STEM.

In today’s post, you’ll find:

  1. Editable templates from Metro Early College for running a design challenge
  2. Selected guides from other organizations on design challenges
  3. A Storify for your tweets, posts, and online pins about design challenges

Want to follow along and see if this could work at your school? Sign up here. We’ll keep in you in the loop as we announce webinars, Twitter chats, and more.

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