WESTLAKE, Ohio – The resounding message tonight at a special church service in Westlake was “Together We Are Greater Than Heroin.” The service was dedicated to those who have died from drug overdoses and their loved ones that have been affected by the heartbreak of this senseless loss.

Church on The Rise and Beyond The Walls Church joined together to host this service and candlelight vigil.

Mayors from Westlake, Bay Village, Rocky River and North Ridgeville spoke briefly about the impact on their cities and ways to try to combat this crisis.

Several people in attendance shared personal stories of heart breaking loss, talking about how the epidemic has touched them and changed their lives.

One man even saying he has lost 10 friends to overdoses.

Dr. Paul Endrei, who is the COO of Church On the Rise, says something must be done.

“Just in our church we’ve seen people that have battled with the addiction of heroin. We’ve seen people that have died because of heroin. This is an issue that is facing us all. It doesn’t matter where you go you hear about it. Our estimation is about 70 percent of people know someone that has died of heroin or someone that is struggling with heroin right now.”

Tonight’s event also focused on raising awareness and raising money to start a local faith-based drug rehab center.

“It’s time for people of faith, time for people in the community to act, not just talk about, but to act on making a solution to this situation that we are facing” says Dr. Endrei.

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